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Physical therapy is a common choice for individuals suffering from chronic inflammation. Over the counter muscle pain treatment might not be effective for your inflammation. You can get help from an experienced therapist.

Injury or lifestyle choices can cause muscle inflammation. Chronic inflammation also plays an important role in different health issues in the body.

Inflammation in the body leads to arthritis, obesity, bowel disease, and even diabetes. Common symptoms of inflammation include pain, weakness, and swelling.

Individuals should also be aware that muscle inflammation is not always harmless. You should get help from a physical therapist if it is difficult for you to do your regular activities. To reduce pain and discomfort, therapists use various techniques to treat the condition.

Here are good reasons why you need the help of a physical therapist to treat your condition.

1. Physical Exercise Reduces Muscle Inflammation

 To make your movements easier and less painful during workouts, you should seek a therapist. Research shows that 20 minutes of daily physical exercise provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

When you exercise, muscle cells release a protein called interleukin 6. This is beneficial for reducing inflammation. Doing physical exercise on a regular basis also lowers levels of the bad protein called TNF alpha, which causes inflammation.

The body releases more interleukin 6 when you have longer workouts. Therapeutic exercise also reduces pain, swelling and improves the function of the muscles. 

2. Heat and Cold Therapy

During a physical therapy session, a therapist uses heat or cold therapy to deliver long-term results. If you have an injury, heat therapy is a technique that increases circulation to the injured tissues. Heat therapy is beneficial for muscle spasms, muscle tightness, and joint pains.

Cold therapy is also effective for reducing swelling and for healing.

3. Manual Therapy

Do you need the easiest way to relax your muscles and to get rid of inflammation for good? You can try manual therapy for this problem.

Physical therapists use manual therapy. This is a great way for you to reduce inflammation in the muscles and to relax your muscles. This physical treatment includes manipulation of muscles, kneading injured muscles and joint manipulation. 

This common technique reduces pain, decreases muscle tension, and increases blood circulation.

4. Ultrasound Therapy 

Ultrasound therapy is a safe technique that is beneficial to patients with mild to chronic inflammation. There is much evidence that ultrasound therapy produces anti-inflammatory effects. 

Ultrasound therapy uses different settings in various stages throughout the healing process. This is an effective treatment that works quite well on patients. You have a safe option to reduce and control various levels of inflammation in your muscles. This could be the right therapy for you. 

Get Relief with Customized Physical Therapy

Do not delay to schedule an appointment with a good physical therapist. A physical therapist will provide a program that relieves your muscle inflammation. 

Regardless of the severity of your condition, a therapist helps you to control dangerous levels of inflammation. If you’re in need of a therapeutic program for your condition, please schedule an appointment with us.