5 Reasons You Should Request Physical Therapy After an Auto Accident

5 Reasons You Should Request Physical Therapy After an Auto Accident

There is an average of 6 million auto accidents each year in the United States alone. With this growing statistic, we need to be sure that we are aware of the resources that are now at our fingertips.

One of the most important aspects of this is knowing that you have the option to request physical therapy after an auto accident. Physical therapy works to aid both your physical and mental health and serves to make your recovery period as beneficial as it can be.

Keep reading to hear a few reasons why physical therapy is so important after an auto accident.

Initiating Your Recovery: Request Physical Therapy

By devoting your attention to your recovery following an accident, you are making a choice to maximize your recuperation. Requesting physical therapy early on is key. 

Physical therapy is effective against pain, will reduce the risk of later injury, and shaves time off of your natural recovery. In other words, physical therapy is a direct line from accident injuries to revival. 

Full Knowledge of Your Physical Health 

After being in a car accident, there are so many things that could go wrong. There are visible injuries that can be treated following the incident. However, more difficult are the hidden injuries that might be looming in the background. 

Injuries such as whiplash are not detectable from the naked eye. These require an understanding of the relevant symptoms and treatments associated therein.

With physical therapists assigned to your full physical health, it is less likely that these conditions will go untreated.


When someone is on their road to recovery, it might be easy to fall into a slump of limited movement in order to avoid pain. While this is a normal reaction and is completely understandable, it can be detrimental to the recovery process. It is very important for people who are recovering to stay active and keep their muscles moving. 

Physical therapy focuses on returning to normal function. Once a patient’s stiffness is reduced through therapy, functional or every day activities can be introduced. 

Holistic Health

When it comes to car accidents, physical injury is not the only risk. In order to ensure your full recovery, you cannot ignore the emotional trauma that you might have endured. 

People react to trauma in many different ways. However, after an accident, it is very likely that one will suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This can include anxiety from driving, depression, withdrawal from others, and many other severe symptoms. 

By confronting these thoughts, a return to a normal lifestyle is that much closer.

You’re Not Alone

Another reason why physical therapy is so important is that it brings along with it an arsenal of support. It is so meaningful to have someone there to hold you accountable for your rehabilitation exercises and to encourage you to go on. Having a reliable physical therapist to help you through could make all the difference in the world.

Start Healing

If you or a loved one have been affected by an auto accident, it’s time to request physical therapy in order to ensure the quality of your recovery.

At AJ Therapy Center Inc., we are dedicated to exactly that. Set up an appointment with us at our locations in St. Petersburg or Tampa in order to begin your journey of recovery.


Why You Should Have a Professional Back Exam After an Auto Accident

Why You Should Have a Professional Back Exam After an Auto Accident

In the United States each year, 2.5 million people are seriously injured in automobile crashes. The number of those that experience minor injuries is even higher. 

Even when there is not much damage to the car, drivers or passengers can be hurt. Whiplash and back injuries are very common as a result of collisions.

Here are the top reasons why you need a back exam if you are involved in a crash.  

Some Symptoms Have Delayed Onset 

After a car accident, you may feel perfectly fine. You may think that you weren’t injured at all.

Yet, a full exam including a back exam is still crucial even if you feel fine. Many injuries do not show up until hours or even days later.

The injuries that often have delayed symptoms are whiplash, concussion, spinal injury, and internal bleeding. 

Getting treatment early can minimize pain and swelling. Having an exam within 24 hours after a car accident will mean that you won’t be in excruciating pain in a few hours or in the days following the crash. 

Prevent Long-Term Complications

Your back is made up of some of the biggest and functionally important muscles in the entire body.

The back allows you to stand up straight, supports your spine to bend, twist, and reach. It also allows you to pull and push as well as extend your arms and torso.

That means that when you have a back injury, it impacts your overall mobility. Medical professionals can use physical therapies in order to find even minor injuries as a result of a car crash.

By treating all injuries from the beginning, the chance of long-term complications is reduced. Without an exam, your body can suffer more damage as it tries to compensate for the back injury. That’s why an early diagnosis and treatment plan is vital. 

Strengthen Your Personal Injury Claims

If you plan to submit a personal injury claim due to the car crash, a medical exam is crucial documentation.

Not all accidents lead to a personal injury claim. Yet, without a medical exam, you are not aware of the extent of your injuries. As we mentioned earlier, some injuries have a delayed onset of symptoms. 

Yet if you wait to have a medical exam days or weeks later, the strength of your personal injury claim goes down.

The other party could argue that your injury was not a result of the car crash at all. In fact, insurance companies will penalize claimants who delay in seeing a doctor. Delay in getting a medical exam will make it harder to prove that the crash was the cause of the victim’s injuries.

When a doctor completes a back exam, he or she will complete some documentation. Those records play a big role in whether or not your claim will be approved.

With these records as well as other documentation, you will be well-prepared to make a personal injury claim against the at-fault person’s insurance company.

Get a Back Exam for Peace of Mind 

Thanks for reading. We hope this article has given you enough reasons to seek a back exam after a car accident.

Remember, your back is a vital part of your body. Injury or pain in this area can wreak havoc on your entire body.

Schedule an appointment at AJ Therapy Center today. We also provide free legal referrals to our patients who are suffering from accident-related injuries.

Physical Therapy in Tampa Bay: What to Do If You’re Injured on the Job

Physical Therapy in Tampa Bay: What to Do If You’re Injured on the Job

In 2018, there were 2,834,500 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses. A severe injury could cause you to miss out on work or daily activities. In time, your medical bills will start stacking up.

How do you plan on paying those bills off while you’re out of work?

If you were injured on the job, it helps to have a plan in place. 

Otherwise, you could fail to receive the compensation you deserve.

Here are the four things you need to do if you’re hurt on the job. With these tips, you’ll know exactly how to react. Then, you can receive the compensation you deserve to cover your pills.

Establish a plan with these four tips!

  1. Request First Aid

If you were injured on the job, make sure to receive the necessary medical treatment as soon as possible. Unless it’s an emergency, your health care provider should have authorization from the Workers’ Compensation Board. Make sure to ask your employer if they have a specific doctor they want you to visit.

Make a note of the diagnosis and treatment you receive. 

After sustaining an injury at work, you might want to get a second opinion. That’s your right. Again, make sure to get everything in writing.

Otherwise, your employer might try to prove that you didn’t sustain the injury on the job. 

  1. Notify Your Supervisor

Immediately following the accident, make sure to notify your supervisor. Let them know how and where you were injured. You could lose your right to workers’ compensation benefits if you fail to inform your employer immediately.

Make sure to put your notification in writing. That way, you have proof.

Notifying your supervisor of the accident can help them take the necessary steps to make the workplace safer. You might even help a fellow employee avoid a future injury at work.  

  1. File a Claim

Make sure to complete a claim for workers’ compensation using Form C-3. Then, mail it to the nearest Workers’ Compensation Board office. 

You need to file your claim within two years from the date of your injury. Otherwise, you might risk losing your benefits.

  1. Get Help

In the meantime, make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions to improve your recovery time. Your doctor might also recommend you complete physical therapy 

It’s important to receive treatment as soon as possible. If you were injured on the job, physical therapy can improve your functionality and ease your pain. In addition to supporting your recovery, physical therapy can also reduce your need for surgery. 

There are over 247,700 physical therapists in the country. They help with sports injuries, car crash injuries, and work-related injuries. Look for a specialist in Tampa Bay injuries to ensure you get treatment as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you might need to add a costly surgery to your list of medical bills.  

Injured on the Job?: Request Physical Therapy in Tampa Bay Today

Were you injured on the job? Make sure to follow these four steps as soon as possible. That way, you can receive the compensation you’re owed to cover your bills.

Eager to ease your pain? Contact us today for your first appointment!

Physical Therapy in St. Petersburg: How Physical Therapy Can Change Your Life After a Car Accident

Physical Therapy in St. Petersburg: How Physical Therapy Can Change Your Life After a Car Accident

About six million people get into a car accident every year. Of these, about half of the people involved sustained injuries.

If you were in a recent car accident, don’t wait to visit a doctor. In many cases, adrenaline can unknowingly mask your pain. To speed up your recovery and ease the pain away, consider visiting a physical therapist.

By visiting a physical therapist after a car accident, you can alleviate your discomfort and get back to your life. Otherwise, your injuries could get worse over time.

Still on the fence? Keep reading to discover the top benefits of physical therapy after a car accident.  

1. Ease the Pain Away

One of the top benefits of visiting a physical therapist after a car accident is easy pain relief.

After a crash, you might want to take it easy. In some cases, moving around can even cause you more pain. However, movement is essential to help you heal.

Moving helps pump oxygenated blood and nutrients to your injuries. Your body needs those nutrients in order to heal properly. Otherwise, your pain will only linger.

According to this study, chronic exercise affects how the body reacts to pain. By developing an exercise routine, you can keep the pain away and strengthen your body.

Your physical therapist will help you discover both passive and active exercises. They’ll create a custom plan with your specific injuries in mind. That way, you can ease the pain and start recovering with car accident physical therapy.

2. Boost Mobility 

It’s difficult to live life to the fullest when you feel like you can’t move. Unfortunately, an injury could leave you struggling to walk or even stand without help. As a result, limited mobility could impact your entire quality of life. 

Car accident physical therapy can help improve your mobility.

Your physical therapist will determine where your body is weakest. Then, they’ll provide stretches and strengthening exercises that can help.

As you grow stronger, your mobility will improve.

3. Quick Recovery

After a car accident, you might experience stiffness, headaches, and overall pain. You might notice your range of motion is limited, too. 

Physical therapy can help improve your flexibility. It can also limit your symptoms to help speed up your recovery. Once your body gets stronger, you can get back to your daily life!

4. Avoid Surgery

Immediate physical therapy after a car accident can help you avoid surgery.

In some cases, surgery can do more harm than good. Instead, you can use physical therapy to strengthen your body over time. As you grow stronger, you can avoid surgery altogether.

Remember, movement improves your body’s ability to heal, too. That movement can ease inflammation throughout your body, reducing your pain and healing injured tissue.

Then, you can avoid surgery (and a costly medical bill).

Here’s to Healing: 4 Benefits of Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

Ready to start healing after a car accident? Consider scheduling a physical therapy session. With physical therapy, you can enjoy these benefits and more!

Take the first step toward healing. Contact us today to get started.

Interesting Facts About Physical Therapy: Who Can Benefit From It and How It Can Help

Interesting Facts About Physical Therapy: Who Can Benefit From It and How It Can Help

Physical therapy is an excellent way of managing pain. If you’re in pain from an injury or auto accident, then keep reading to explore the interesting facts about physical therapy and how you can benefit from it. 

There are various physical therapy types and treatments. A trained therapist will create a physical therapy program and focus on your specific injury.

Interesting Facts About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy comes in many different forms depending on your injury. There are different physical therapy types that focus on specific areas of the body. Below are just a few types of physical therapy provided. 


Orthopedic physical therapy provides support to your musculoskeletal system. It focuses on tendons, bones, joints, and ligaments. Some physical therapy treatments include stretching exercises, strength training, and exercises for endurance.


Auto accidents can cause neurological damage. There are physical therapists trained in this area. They provide treatment for spinal cord and brain injuries. They can also help you to restore mobility and movement after your injury.


Pediatric physical therapy provides therapy for infants, children, and adolescents who have sustained injuries or are suffering from disorders or diseases. Treatments can help children with gross and fine motor skills and build strength and endurance. 

Pediatric physical therapy focuses on balance and coordination, as well as muscles, joints, and bones. 

Other types of physical therapy include geriatric, pediatric, and cardiopulmonary. 

Physical Therapy After an Auto Accident

It’s crucial to begin a physical therapy program after an auto accident. Physical therapy helps with your musculoskeletal system after an injury. Seek professional therapy services to begin restoring mobility, range of movement, and to reduce pain.

If any injury heals incorrectly there is a chance of having continued problems. Whiplash is a perfect example. 

Whiplash can affect various parts of your body and can present symptoms immediately or 24-48 hours after an injury occurs. If left untreated, whiplash can cause chronic, long-lasting pain. It can also lead to herniated discs and dysfunction of your joints.

It’s essential to work with a physical therapist. They will help you strengthen the muscles needed to properly support your head. They can also help with your range of motion, and work to prevent any further injuries from developing.

Additional Benefits 

Physical therapy can provide tremendous relief after sustaining an injury. By helping manage your pain, you alleviate the need for opioids. It also can help you avoid surgery. It reduces pain and stiffness and works to restore mobility and range of motion. 

If your injury is sports-related, then physical therapy can teach you new ways to use your muscles. it also shows you how to strengthen other parts of your body.

Other interesting facts about physical therapy are the numerous services offered. This may include ultrasounds for blood flow and electrical stimulation. It also includes heat, cold, and light therapy. Other services include vasopneumatic devices as well as a paraffin bath to ease pain and help with mobility.  

Your physical therapist will work with you on creating an effective treatment plan.

If you’re looking for physical therapy in St. Petersburg or Tampa, then contact us today and let us help you with all of your physical therapy needs. 

Sore Body After Car Accident? The First Steps to Take for Recovery

Sore Body After Car Accident? The First Steps to Take for Recovery

According to insurance industry estimates, the average person will crash their cars at least once every 17.9 years. This means that if you haven’t had a car accident yet, you’re probably overdue.

Car accidents often result in serious injuries like neck sprains and whiplash. Even if you don’t have a major injury, it’s very common to experience a sore body after a car accident. This can last for a few days or can plague you for weeks, months, or even years!

The steps you take after an accident can have a major impact on how quickly you recover. Here are a few tips to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

See a Doctor

The first thing to do after a crash is to visit a doctor. This is important even if you don’t have any immediate car accident symptoms. It’s normal not to notice the pain until several days after a car accident.

Getting prompt treatment can help speed your recovery and is necessary if you think you might have grounds for an injury lawsuit.

Get Some Rest

Your body needs rest to recover. Make it a point to get more sleep than usual and don’t push yourself physically. If you can take a few days off from work, consider doing so.

Healing takes energy. The fewer other tasks your body has to perform, the faster you’ll recover.

Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

It’s also critical that you stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet. This will give your body the nutrients it needs to repair itself. Focus on eating anti-inflammatory foods, healthy fats, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Engage in Light Exercise

Often, light exercise can help to keep your muscles from getting stiff and improve circulation, which, in turn, helps with healing. Just make sure not to take things too far. Start with a brisk walk around the block or some light stretching.

It’s always best to talk to your doctor before you start exercising. This will help you learn exactly what exercises are recommended and which you should avoid. This will reduce the chances that you could make your injury worse.

Consider Therapy

If your pain doesn’t go away or seems to get worse, then physical therapy might be your next move. You can either talk to your doctor and ask for a recommendation or contact a physical therapy office directly for a second opinion.

Remain Patient

Healing from a car accident is frustrating, but remember that it does take time. Remain patient and avoid returning to normal activities too soon.

The last thing you want to do is inadvertently cause new injuries or aggravate the ones you already have.

Don’t Ignore a Sore Body After a Car Accident!

Often, drivers and passengers don’t realize that their car accident injuries are more serious than they think. If you’re suffering from a sore body after a car accident, we can help!

Contact us today to schedule your appointment.