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When it comes to mental illness in the United States, you’d be surprised to find that it is fairly common. GAD, or General Anxiety Disorder, affects about 7 million people in the US, or about 3 percent. 

And Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) affects even more people at almost 7 percent of the population. With so many that suffer from anxiety, it makes many people’s lives difficult.

At any moment you can be triggered and experience an anxiety attack. But here are five ways to help cope with your anxiety.

Coping Mechanisms

With every problem, there is a solution, and your anxiety is no different. If done in tandem, these coping mechanisms can help to better your control of your anxiety.

Breathing Techniques

Sometimes all you need is simplicity. To relax your heart and mind, slowly inhaling and exhaling can help. You can also use the ’10 technique’ count slowly up to ten and repeat.

Panicking is specifically linked to your heart rate and can cause a host of other issues. If you can gain control of your heart rate in stressful situations, managing your anxiety becomes easier

Regularly Exercising

Regular exercise can help you gain control of your anxiety through the channeling of your stress. Running or even contact sports like boxing can help you release your anxiety productively. 

If this seems difficult to do alone, you can always schedule an appointment with us, and we can help you to create a productive regimen through our physical therapy sessions in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Maintaining A Healthy Diet

Sometimes it’s not about what comes out, but all about what goes in that count. Creating and maintaining a healthy diet can help mitigate feeling fatigued, a symptom of anxiety.

Eating energy-boosting foods can also help keep your energy positive. Positive energy goes a long way to help fight your anxiety.

Learning What Triggers You

Triggers can come from anywhere; they can be obvious things like caffeine, drugs, or alcohol, or they can be deeper issues pertaining to Family, work, or even your negative thoughts.

Figuring out what causes such negative responses can be a good way to effectively deal with your anxiety. This can be done on your own or with a licensed professional. Attacking your triggers head-on can help lead to a more positive lifestyle.


Of all of the coping mechanisms, this could be the most difficult but the most rewarding. Acceptance of your anxiety can be an arduous process. 

However, if you dedicate time daily to building toward the acceptance alongside the other things on this list, this can help you to lead a positive and fulfilling life and can lead to mastery of your anxiety.

Your disorder should not define who you are as a person.

Mastering Your Anxiety

Anxiety can be difficult to manage, but it is not impossible. Using these methods and others that can fit your journey, you can find ways to properly cope with your anxiety. 

We at the AJ Therapy Center believe in you. If you have any questions or you need help you can contact us here. We are always here to help.