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Each year, about three million people suffer a non-fatal injury in an auto accident.  Some injuries are debilitating or life-changing even though they aren’t fatal. 

Navigating your way through the healthcare system is difficult at best. Are you in pain and dealing with a serious injury? You shouldn’t have to deal with problems accessing the services you need to get better. 

No matter how you’re injured or how bad the injury is, many people need an advocate who understands the healthcare system. 

That’s where case management services can help. Keep reading for more information about case management services and what we offer. 

Case Management

Case management is a specialty practice that’s cross-disciplinary. A case manager’s main function is advocating for clients and working with the client’s support systems. The goal is the promotion of wellness and improvement in the client’s health. 

A case manager facilitates services. She also educates, advocates, and helps with communication across the different health disciplines. Our clients receive support in many different aspects of daily living. 

A case manager takes a holistic approach. That means she takes into account the physical, medical, mental, emotional, financial, and other needs of the patient. 

Case Management Services

We treat every patient based on her individual case. We have a set of services that guide the path to wellness. These include the following.


Each patient has different needs depending on his injury or issue. Patients who don’t understand the healthcare system need someone advocating on their behalf. This includes defending your rights within the healthcare system.

Support and Monitoring 

We support your treatment plan and make sure you’re receiving all necessary services within that plan. We track the situation and ensure you’re happy with the services. 

Healthcare Decisions

Do you have trouble understanding medical language? Are you having problems making healthcare decisions for yourself? 

A case manager works with all providers helping you understand and make decisions. 

Financial Needs

Are you having financial difficulty and can’t meet your basic needs? A case manager can intervene and help with short-term crises. These may include issues such as eviction or unpaid utility bills. 

Transportation Help

Transportation to and from medical appointments can be a big obstacle. A case manager coordinates medical transport by ambulance if necessary. He also helps you get to your providers for treatment. 

Mental Health

A case manager can also help with mental health or substance abuse appointments. Some physical injuries lead to post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental health issues. The case manager coordinates the services best suited to your recovery needs.


A case manager can come to your appointments with you. This ensures you understand everything the provider is doing for you. 

Case Management Services for Your Recovery 

Don’t navigate the healthcare system on your own. It’s hard in the best of times but with an injury or other healthcare concerns, case management services are a great option. 

A case manager helps you every step of the way, ensuring a holistic approach for each individual. The case manager adapts to each situation and finds the best options. 

Are you in need of case management services? Please contact us today