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You don’t have to suffer from chronic pain. By seeking the care of a qualified chronic pain specialist, you can reclaim your health and vitality. 

Chronic pain disrupts your life and makes it hard to perform activities of daily living. Some people believe that dealing with chronic pain is normal and just go on with their lives. It’s a burden that makes it difficult to perform simple tasks and maintain your health. 

Fortunately, treatments such as traction therapy can help you recover from this painful condition. For example, techniques such as spinal decompression can ease pain and relieve your suffering and help you return a tip-top shape. 

Read on to learn how to deal with chronic pain. 

Chronic Pain Therapy Works 

During chronic pain therapy, practitioners relieve your pain by stretching and realigning your spine. The procedure enables your spine to heal itself. 

Practitioners typically perform two kinds of spinal traction therapy: manual and mechanical. Doctors can use traction therapy to treat fractures and other injuries in addition to spine and neck injuries. However, they use it mostly to relieve pain in the spine. 

Dealing With Chronic Pain 

A study published by the National Institutes of Health reveals that manual therapy is an effective method for relieving muscle-skeletal distress. At the same time, the report says that physicians aren’t 100% sure why it works. 

Still, practitioners have developed best-practices that result in phenomenal outcomes for patients. They use physical pressure to stimulate patients’ neurological and central nervous system. This technique has been responsible for many positive clinical outcomes. 

The Healing Touch 

For patients, chronic pain can prove incapacitating and make it hard to function. A growing number of physicians prescribe manual therapy to treat chronic pain. 

For each patient, however, the treatment varies. Even so, they work. What’s more, they reduce patients’ dependence on painkilling pharmaceuticals. 

Practitioners skillfully manipulate your soft tissue during therapy. They can help you to improve your range of motion while reducing swelling and pain. 

Chronic Pain Therapy Near Me 

Before prescribing manual therapy, your physician will assess your condition. They’ll evaluate your medical history and outpatient treatments, for instance. 

Your existing illnesses and support network may influence the doctor’s decision-making. Nevertheless, the doctor will carefully evaluate many factors. They’ll make sure to come up with a practical, personalized treatment plan. 

No one enjoys living with chronic pain. Still, millions of Americans choose to grin and bear it when dealing with chronic pain. However, it’s not necessary. Practitioners have developed methods of healing that can restore your health effectively. 

Are you suffering from chronic pain and want a solution that will work? AJ Therapy can help. 

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Today, people are always on the go. Our bodies take a beating. You must take care of your most valuable asset – your health.