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Did you know that 65% of bodily injury claims are whiplash-related?

If you’ve been in an accident, you know that whiplash pain is real. Nothing’s worse than the inability to move your neck fully and that intense and ever-present tenderness in your shoulders. You probably dream of the day when you can turn your head without any degree of pain.

It may seem far away now, but it’s actually a possibility for you. How? Through physical therapy!

Physical therapy can help you get your life back after dealing with a neck injury. Read on to learn how.

What Will You Do in Physical Therapy?

You’ll likely start with some light neck stretches to increase your mobility. Injured muscles are prone to becoming tight and spasming, so stretching will help. Make sure you move slowly as you stretch, and take deep breaths!

Once the stretching has helped tone down the inflammation and increased mobility, you’ll then move onto isometric strengthening. Strengthening your neck muscles is essential for making a full recovery.

Your physical therapist might even perform strengthening exercises using certain equipment, like exercise bands or a multi-cervical unit. Keep in mind that no two treatment plans will look alike. Your physical therapist will help you devise a plan that works for your specific needs.

Other Forms of Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash takes some time to heal, so you need to know how to relieve neck pain outside of your physical therapist appointments. Don’t worry — there are tried and true methods to alleviate your pain while you heal!

The first is cold and hot therapies. It seems simple, but it works wonders. Start with ice, and then alternate between placing ice and a heating pad on your neck to speed up the healing process.

The ice will reduce inflammation, which in turn will help with the pain. Heat will relax your tensed muscles and increase circulation, which aids in healing.

Deep tissue massages can also be incredibly beneficial for pain management when dealing with whiplash. Many massage therapists have specialized treatments just for whiplash that are designed to release tension in your muscles to help them heal.

Just make sure you talk to your physical therapist before engaging in any whiplash treatment remedies on your own. The last thing you want is to set your healing back without even knowing it!

How to See a Physical Therapist for Whiplash Pain

Depending on your health insurance, you may need to make an appointment with your primary care health provider to get a referral before you can see a physical therapist. Check with your healthcare provider to get details on this process first.

Your primary care doctor might take x-rays to check for any broken or fractured bones. They also may give you a neck brace to wear if your injury is fresh and super painful.

If you don’t need a referral to get in with a physical therapist, it’s a good idea to make an appointment as soon as possible. Whiplash needs to be treated early to avoid the injury and associated pain worsening over time!

Get Help for Your Whiplash Pain

Tired of dealing with whiplash pain that doesn’t seem to get any better? We don’t blame you, and we can help.

You don’t have to live with pain in the back of your head forever. Schedule an appointment today to get on the road to recovery, and fast.