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Car crashes in Florida are an all too common occurrence. In 2018, more than 10,000 people were injured in an automobile accident in Pinellas County alone.

It’s vital to seek the right kind of medical attention soon after you’ve been injured in a crash. Depending on your injuries, a trip to the doctor or emergency room may not be enough. For long-term care, a physical therapist that specializes in auto accident treatment may be your best bet.

Read on to find out why it’s so important to look into physical therapy in St. Petersburg after a car accident.

Avoid Surgery

Unless an injury is immediately life-threatening, surgery is usually the last resort. As such, many doctors will recommend that you see a physical therapist before they agree to operate.

Taking a non-invasive treatment approach can reduce your downtime after an accident. But if you do end up requiring surgery, your physical therapist can help speed up your recovery afterward.

Restore Your Range of Motion

Car accidents can cause a lot of injuries that reduce your range of motion. For example, you might find that you can only turn your head to one side after getting whiplash, or that you can no longer lift your arm above your head due to a shoulder injury.

Without treatment, this loss of mobility can be permanent. Physical therapists can help to stretch out your tense muscles and release the tightness of scar tissue so you can go back to moving without limits.

Decrease the Need for Painkillers

Dependency on pain medication is a major worry for some people after getting injured in a car accident. While you shouldn’t be afraid to use medicine to help keep your pain in check while you recover, it’s best to avoid becoming dependent on it.

Physical therapy can help reduce your reliance on narcotics and other painkillers by lowering your pain in natural ways. Aside from exercise, PTs use a range of different pain-reducing treatments. Known as “modalities”, these include massage, ultrasound, paraffin baths, and mechanical traction.

The combination of gentle exercise and modalities that you get at a therapy session can increase strength while reducing pain, tightness, and swelling.

Get Back to Work

Over half of Americans avoid taking time off from work because they can’t financially afford it. If you’re concerned about missing paychecks due to your injury, physical therapy can help you get back to your job as fast as possible.

Your therapist can come up with a plan for work restrictions so you can return to your job but avoid further injury. They’ll then help you focus on regaining your strength and mobility. They may also give you supportive equipment or strategies to help you out at work during your recovery.

Finding Physical Therapy in St. Petersburg, Florida

Don’t wait until your pain is unbearable to get treatment.

If you’re looking for physical therapy in St. Petersburg, Florida, AJ Therapy Center can help. Our bilingual team specializes in treating patients with a variety of auto accident injuries and can get you started on the road to recovery.

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