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Over 2 million Americans head to the emergency department for an automobile accident injury each year. Unfortunately, auto injuries in Tampa are just as common.

If you’ve recently been injured in a car wreck, you may be wondering about physical therapy in Tampa. Physical therapy uses non-invasive techniques to help you recover after your accident. 

Yet, when it comes to physical therapy techniques, you have quite a few to choose from. That’s why we created this guide to the best physical therapy for auto accident sufferers. 

Wondering which physical therapy techniques are a must-have? Then keep reading for everything you need to know. 

Physical Therapy for Pain

The first symptom you may experience after an accident is pain. Paraffin baths can help provide temporary pain relief. This type of physical therapy is also effective for increasing mobility.

If you’re experiencing lower back, neck, arm, or leg pain, mechanical traction may be for you. Mechanical traction works on the spine. Practitioners will stretch and separate the individual vertebrae, which reduces pressure on the spin and relieves pain.

A final physical therapy to try is ultrasound therapy. This technique uses audio waves to help with inflammation after an injury. Reducing inflammation can also help alleviate pain from an older injury. 

Circulation and movement therapy is another technique you could try. This type of physical therapy for an accident helps to improve blood flow in the injured region. This can help oxygenate the injury and speed up healing

Physical Therapy for Swelling

Swelling is another symptom you may experience directly after an accident. Vasopneumatic devices use water pumps and braces to cold-compress the swollen area. When applied during therapy, these devices decrease blood circulation and inflammation, which can reduce swelling.

Physical Therapy for Relaxation

Even if your pain and swelling are gone, you may still need physical therapy to help you relax. Car accidents can be stressful. Using techniques like manual therapy can help you feel calmer as well as improve flexibility and range of motion.

Manual therapy, also known as manipulative therapy, is a medical type of massage. Manual therapists use their hands to apply pressure. In addition to helping you relax and feel more flexible, manual therapy can reduce any lingering pain.

Physical Therapy for Strength

Once your injury is fully healed, your physical therapist may recommend therapeutic exercise. Therapeutic exercises can range from yoga to strength training. The goal is to improve your physical strength, balance, and stability.

For more significant injuries, you may require neuromuscular re-education. This therapeutic technique requires you to retrain your muscles and central nervous system to communicate normally. That way, you can return to life as normal. 

Find Relief After Auto Injuries in Tampa

Auto injuries in Tampa can be devastating but not if you see a physical therapist. A physical therapist uses techniques to help with pain and swelling, relaxation, and strength. 

Are you looking for physical therapy in Tampa to help you recover from an auto accident injury? Get in touch with us to request an appointment with Tampa’s AJ Therapy Center today!