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No one plans to get into a car crash, and when they happen, it can change your life!

Car accidents are too common these days. In fact, there were 2,443,000 car accident related injuries reported in 2015 alone!

On top of car repairs, legal proceedings, and time off from work, the injuries caused by car accidents can be debilitating.

A new and effective way to treat a variety of pain from car accident injuries is a paraffin bath.

There are tons of benefits to using warm wax treatment, but we have listed a few of the ways it can help relieve car accident pains. Keep reading to learn how paraffin can get rid of your pain!

1. Joint Pain Relief

Lingering pain in your joints can be a nightmare. A great way to treat this kind of pain is thermotherapy, or heat therapy.

Using this kind of treatment on your joints will reduce pain by increasing blood flow and reducing stiffness. Mobility will increase as the stiffness decreases, allowing you to move with ease again.

Paraffin is so effective at treating joint pain that it is often used to treat people with chronic arthritis and fibromyalgia as well!

2. Calming Paraffin Bath Therapy

Many people think of physical pain resulting from a car crash, but there is often emotional pain as well!

Studies show that up to 80% of crash survivors experience PTSD between 1 and 6 months after the accident.

Paraffin treatments can treat anxiety and depression and it is safe to use on pregnant women and older patients!

3. Burn Pain Relief

Sometimes, a car accident can cause painful burns. Even if the car is not on fire, heat from the engine (or other hot metals) has the potential to cause a severe burn.

Using paraffin wax on the burn area can help draw out the pain and residual heat, causing a soothing sensation for raw nerves on your skin.

4. Muscle Pain Relief

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional muscle pain physical therapy, this treatment may be your ticket! Wax baths help with inflammation and muscle spasms as well as treating pulled muscles and/or sprains.

Make sure to look at your insurance policy coverage so you can maximize your insurance payout for your physical therapy.

5. Damaged Skin Healing

Seatbelt abrasions are very common injuries in car accidents. It can leave long-lasting and painful marks across your chest.

A paraffin wax bath can help speed the natural healing process of your skin by encouraging dead skin to slough off and new, healthy skin to replace it.

The wax can also soften and reduce calluses on hands and feet. Any dry or cracked skin can reap healing benefits from paraffin.

Wax Away the Pain

With so many health benefits you can enjoy from a paraffin bath treatment, there’s nothing to lose… except the pain!

Don’t let car accident pain keep you from getting back to normalcy. Let the wax melt your pain away.

Call or email us to schedule an appointment for your paraffin therapy today!