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According to research, 10%-20% of people in the United States have reported experiencing neck pain. While this number seems fairly low, it encourages those who are going through neck pain to figure out which treatment is best for them.

Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to neck therapy. From trigger point injection to neurostimulation therapy, technology has provided patients with numerous options.

Have you considered trying mechanical traction for your neck pain? Let’s talk about the medical benefits of mechanical traction.

What Is Mechanical Traction?

Mechanical traction is the method used in therapy that helps stretch your muscles and take pressure off the discs and nerves that are connected to your arm. Because this form of therapy creates a separation between your joints and neck, it will alleviate the pressure built up in this space over time.

1. Increases Mobility

One of the greatest benefits of mechanical traction is that it increases mobility. Neck muscles are undeniably one of the most used muscles in the human body.

Also, this is one of the muscles that immediately reacts after an accident, which means you may find yourself dealing with severe stiffness or a serious injury. Fortunately, mechanical traction can help with this type of pain.

2. Helps With Herniated Discs

Did you know that mechanical traction is great for those dealing with herniated discs in their neck? While many doctors inform patients that surgery is their only option, ask your therapist if your medical condition can be treated with mechanical traction.

If approved, you’ll soon see why this kind of therapy has been used in the past to treat bulged and herniated discs.

3. Helps With Cervical Spondylosis

Those who deal with Cervical Spondylosis are usually dealing with a condition that affects the nerves that are connected to the spine. Fortunately, mechanical traction is a great, cost-effective solution for patients dealing with Cervical Spondylosis

4. Spasms

The effects of whiplash and spasms are two of the most common injuries patients experience after a car accident. If you’re unsure of which therapeutic route to take after dealing with muscle spasms of the neck, see about undergoing mechanical traction and watch the spasms decrease with each session.

5. Joint Pain

Last on the list of the benefits that come with mechanical traction is the overall relieve of joint pain. From cricks on your neck to stiffness- mechanical traction is the perfect remedy for the relaxation you need.

Learn About Mechanical Traction And More!

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