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Trying to handle a bodily injury can be a troublesome task. When swelling, fractures, or other injuries occur, it can be a challenge to try to heal yourself and get back on the right track again.

Over the years, scientists and researchers have put together different technologies to decrease the amount of time it takes to heal injuries or surgeries. Now, the latest equipment to do so is the vasopneumatic device.

This device is a revolutionary tool that takes care of injuries quickly and painlessly, so you can get back to taking care of what matters in your life. Keep reading to find out what this is, and what sort of benefits lie in store for you.

What Is a Vasopneumatic Device?

Traditionally, there were different options to handle different physical conditions. For example, if you had a fracture, you would get a cast, or if you were swelling, you would perhaps receive some form of medication.

With a vasopneumatic device, such matters could be taken care of using the same technology. This is because of the groundbreaking way that this device works around such injuries.

Vasopneumatic devices are powered by compression. An inflatable garment with multiple pressure compartments is wrapped around the damaged body section, and an electrical pneumatic pump inflates and deflates the section with various cycle times and pressure.

Vasopneumatic compression, combined with elevation, helps the injured section to recover.

What Are Some Benefits to This Procedure?

Vasopneumatic device therapy has many benefits for the user. The most significant benefit is the enhancement of fracture and soft-tissue healing. This gets you back on your feet in a fraction of the time of other medical equipment.

This treatment also provides rehabilitation for distal radial fractures, as well as treatment for restless leg syndrome, assistance and treatment of sensory impairment in the aftermath of a stroke, and treatment of upper extremity vascular ulcers, to name a few.

It’s clear that this device, while being reasonably new, has been able to offer many different benefits to the health field, and will continue to do even more. If you ever experience a future injury, make sure to give the vasopneumatic pump a try.

For All Your Therapeutic Needs

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