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You need to prepare for a car accident injury. In 2019 alone, more than 2.7 million Americans were injured in a car accident. That’s nearly one percent of the country.

An accident can occur without warning, yet it can devastate your mind and body. You can get help through insurance settlements. But they may not cover everything you need.

When people think of a car accident physical therapy settlement, they think of lawyers and police officers. But a therapist can be just as helpful, as long as you go to physical therapy after a car accident.

Not convinced that you need physical therapy for car accident injuries? Consider these three ways to maximize your settlement and treatment.

1. Get a Full Physical Evaluation

You can receive a wide range of injuries in a car accident. You can receive whiplash, tearing the muscles and tendons in your neck. You can break a bone from striking something in your car.

You may not notice an injury for some time. Seat belt syndrome occurs when a person gets injured from their tight seat belt. It can cause internal bleeding in the abdomen, which may not manifest for days.

A physical therapist can give you a head-to-toe evaluation. One common tool that therapists use is vasopneumatic devices.

These devices manage swelling, which is often a sign of internal injuries. If the therapist notices a troubling sign, they can advise your physician on what to do.

A therapist can provide you with documents showing your symptoms and treatments. You can use these documents in court, bolstering your settlement case.

2. Treat Specific Areas

Physical therapists usually provide more specific treatments than physicians. When you report a pain problem to your doctor, they may give you medication. That doesn’t target the roots of your pain.

Therapists are trained in many different therapies, most of which target a specific area of the body. If you suffer from inflammation, a therapist can perform ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to reduce sprains and tendinitis.

Many people think that therapy is for people with severe injuries, like paralysis. You can receive therapy if you suffer those injuries.

But you can also go to therapy for any reason. Your therapist will prepare a treatment plan that meets your needs.

3. Form a Connection With Your Therapist

Therapists go the extra mile. Many offer case management services. They offer mental health treatments, housing support, and even economic advice.

If you are facing a contentious court case, your therapist can serve as an expert witness. They can provide evidence on the nature of your ongoing symptoms.

Becoming friendly with them can help you recover. A positive mental attitude can diminish your pain and give you mental focus.

How to Maximize Your Car Accident Physical Therapy Settlement

A car accident physical therapy settlement can pay off extensive medical bills. But you need to work to get the most out of one.

Get a physical evaluation from your therapist. They should put into writing what your injuries are, then give the information to your lawyer. You should then get treatment for your particular injuries.

Utilize case management services for added support. Consider using your therapist as an expert witness. Their testimony can increase your settlement.

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