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Using physical therapy as your first treatment strategy for lower back pain can actually reduce your costs by up to 72%.

But physical therapy is only as successful as your therapist. Choosing an efficient and compatible therapist can be instrumental to your recovery.

However, just as with any field of work, competency levels vary among physical therapists. This makes finding the right specialist a daunting task.

Here are five tips to guide on your search for a physical therapist in Tampa:

1. Insurance

Get to understand the specific details covered in your health plan to avoid paying out-of-pocket expenses for your physical therapy. Find a physical therapist clinic near you to verify whether or not your plan is acceptable to them.

Also, contact your insurer to cross-check the physical benefits covered in your health plan. This will help you understand how much will go into your physical therapy care. As a result, you’ll make better financial decisions for your treatment.

2. Therapist’s Experience

Experienced physical therapists are more likely to yield better results.

Find a PT who’s licensed and dig further into their credentials to verify if they have any advanced certifications. Some of the key certifications include Sports Certified Specialist (SCS), Women’s Health Certified Specialist (WCS), and Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS).

Keep in mind that less experienced therapists can be equally beneficial based on their skillsets and ability to work with patients.

3. Research on the Ideal Physical Therapist in Tampa

Different clinics offer different physical therapy specializations such as joint replacement, sports medicine, and neck strain therapy. Besides these specializations, their therapists may have additional certifications which you can leverage for a quicker recovery.

Visit as many of these facilities as you can to get enough information for an informed decision. Also, go online and search for past patient reviews on various clinics.

If a clinic offers free injury screening, use that opportunity to get more insight into your condition. Additionally, use this chance to interview your potential therapist.

4. Compatibility with your Therapist

Your physical therapist ought to be your support system. Therefore, choose to partner with a professional who’ll help you succeed in your recovery journey.


Consider a therapist who you can communicate with well in case you have questions. A strong working relationship with your physical therapist can hasten your recovery.

5. Determine the Clinics Cancellation Policy

Billing policy differs between various clinics. Some clinics charge their patients on a flat fee basis even if they fail to show up for appointments. If you fail to give a notice 24 hours prior to your visitation, you may still be charged.

Your potential clinics should fully disclose their costs and no-show policies. This will help you avoid unnecessary fees.

Please note, here at AJ Therapy Center, we DO NOT charge for cancellations.  We appreciate that things can change in your schedule and do ask for a phone call to reschedule, but we will not charge a fee for having to cancel or a missed appointment.

Find Your Next Physical Therapist in Tampa

At AJ Therapy Center, our physical therapists are well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable to offer you the best possible services. We take pride in our state-of-the-art therapy facilities that ensure a comprehensive and individualized treatment process for our patients.

If you need a physical therapist in Tampa, feel free to contact us.