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Why do people exercise?

It seems like such an obvious question, but it doesn’t mean everyone has the same reasons for working out.

Think actors who get ripped for a role. Or basketball players who do strength training to improve their performance on the court.

And then there are regular folks who need to do it for health reasons. Maybe their doctors prescribed it for disease management or as part of a recovery plan.

The last bit is where therapeutic exercise comes in. That said, let’s discuss what therapeutic exercises are, as well as their benefits. We’ll also talk a bit about what you can expect from a therapeutic physical therapy session.

What Is Therapeutic Exercise?

You can join a class, hire a trainer, or work out on your own if you want to incorporate regular exercise in your routine.

But with therapeutic exercise, you’ll need to consult a physical therapist (PT). Your PT will recommend a plan or program based on your specific rehabilitation needs. And this will include a range of activities or exercises that will help you recover from your injury.

This is one of the reasons why it’s not advisable for anyone to do therapeutic exercises alone. Without a PT’s supervision, you could injure yourself further. And you may not be able to do some of the activities without help.

Benefits of Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises can help injured athletes, as well as those who’ve been in an accident. They’re also helpful to people who have recently undergone surgery, stroke patients, and so on.

But the primary goal of any therapeutic exercise program is to reduce pain and inflammation. After addressing that, the goals could shift to improving a patients range of motion or rebuilding strength. It could also aim for injury prevention, improving cardiovascular and pulmonary function, and so on.

All throughout the process, your PT will track your progress. And if needed, he or she will make changes to your therapeutic exercise plan.

Consulting a Physical Therapist

A good PT will take your medical history and check your current physical condition and capabilities. He or she will then come up with a treatment plan based on that initial assessment. And this will include the right blend of therapeutic exercises that will help restore the function/s you’ve lost.

Some examples of these therapeutic exercises include strength training, ROM (range of motion) exercises, balance and coordination activities, and so on. It’s important that you do these exercises as instructed so you can get back to your level of activity before your injury.

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