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Are you ready to get your first lipo laser treatment? You may be wondering what will happen during the procedure. 

All the uncertainty can make you wonder if you want to actually have the procedure done or not. To ease your mind, you will need to find out as much as possible about what actually happens on the day of the procedure.

Take a look at this guide to lipolaser treatment, so that you can know exactly what to expect.

1. What Exactly Is Lipolaser Treatment?

Lipolaser treatment is a non-surgical procedure. It is used for spot fat reduction.

The laser uses energy to painlessly, penetrate your skin targeting specific fat cells.

The cells are stimulated to release water, glycerol, and fatty acids. Once these three compounds are released you will lose weight from the targeted area.

2. How Long Will the Treatment Take?

Due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment, you can expect it to last for less than an hour. In fact, many people get it done on their lunch break. This will prevent you from needing time off.

The laser treatment is usually administered on the targeted areas for at least twenty minutes. This is a fairly short amount of time, and you can see why it is easy to do this on a lunch break.

3. What Happens During the Procedure?

You will be asked to undress, but you will leave your underwear on. After that, you will get onto the table. The arms of the laser will be arranged in a way that targets the specific area of the body that is being targeted. Treatment will then begin.

Once the front of the targeted area has been treated, then the back of the area will also be done. You will not feel any pain because of the non-invasive nature of the procedure.

It is usually a very relaxing atmosphere in which you just lie still and let the laser do all the work.

4. What Happens Once Treatment Is Finished?

Once treatment is finished, you will not have any swelling or tenderness. Some patients say they feel a bit tired after the procedure. You will need plenty of water afterward.

Drinking a lot of water will aid with the success of the treatment. You will also be asked to do some walking for at least fifteen minutes a day to give lymphatic stimulation.

Ready for Treatment

Any nervousness you may have felt about lipolaser treatment should now have been alleviated. This treatment is one of the easiest forms of body sculpting that you can get.

It also has one of the shortest recovery times. There is no need to disrupt your life to have this procedure done; you can do it during your lunch break or on your day off. This versatility and effectiveness are what make this one of the best weight loss treatments you can get.

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